Why You Should Wear Alpaca This Spring

Why You Should Wear Alpaca This Spring

When the weather is topsy-turvy like this it can feel impossible to know what to wear. One minute it feels like it’s time to pack away your winter woollies and bust out your summer staples, and then the next minute we’re sheepishly reaching for our coats and scarves again. The solution for these transeasonal times of year: alpaca wool! 

Thanks to the alpaca fibre’s small diameter, also known as micron, alpaca wool has a soft, smooth, and silky feel, making the clothing feel cool to the touch while still providing warmth. Alpaca wool is naturally water repellent due to its low water retention rate, and as a result it can wick away perspiration. Each individual alpaca fibre also has air pockets within which give the fibre a lightweight quality and makes the clothing material breathable. 

All of this means that your alpaca clothing is working hard to keep you cool and dry when it’s a bit warmer, and warm when the wind picks up and those cool fronts sweep through. On a daily basis this can look like you wearing a lighter knit jumper as a base layer, and a heavier layer like a chunky cardigan, knitted poncho, or coat over the top that you can easily take off and don’t feel like you are lugging around with you. 

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